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Hi, my deviant friends. I'm back to my art site, but very soon. I have to think in new posts.

Glad to know about you again.

Juan Carlos
Hello, my deviant friends. It's my pleasure to bring you joy with my works since 2011, and of course, check your art is a great experience for me. Sadly, I have to announce that I will not post more works from now. I don't want to forget all of you, of course, but the last activities with my profession as a Historian, make me being more busy and it doesn't allow me to post another works. The time is gold and I can't lose any minute of my life, because I want to be a good professional and specially, an independent person in all senses.

Sorry if I say this to you, but I have to do. Of course, I will not delete my account. My art continues and you can send me messages whenever you want.

Thanks for all of you in this time, specially for the support, messages and critics to my art. I'll miss you.

With special gratitude,

Juan Carlos

P. D. If you want to chat with me, I'm on Facebook with this e-mail: Take care.
Hi, my deviant friends. Sorry if I'm not on deviantART the last weeks, but I'm on vacations in Panama and in the place that I'm right now, the connection is so slow; I,m writing you from my cellphone. This message is to wish you a happy 2014 with good health, blessings and all the triumphs that you deserve in your professional lives and projects that you're making. Thanks for everything in this 2013. Greetings to all of you, and of course, to your families. Have fun in this special day.
Hi, everybody. After 5 years of studying History, I made one of my dreams: my graduation day. Right now, I'm a new historian and thanks for the support that you give me in this time.

Well, I'll fight with a reality in my new profession: the search for a job and the creation of my C. V. I know that I'll know how to fight with that reality and of course, I'll have triumphs in my life.

Greetings to all of you and you'll have to forgive me. Of course, I'll continue uploading my works, but not much than other times on deviantART, because I'll be busy with my future work.

Thanks for understand, my deviant friends.
Hi, my deviant friends and other users. This message is just to salute and tell you that my thesis was approved. The next week, I'm going to explain what is about my work, what I made, why I made and what for I made it :) Very soon, I'll be Historian. I hope that everything's gonna be alright in my personal and professional life in the next years. My creations will continue for you :)

Thanks for the support.

Juan Carlos

Hello, dear deviant friends. I'm back after finish my thesis for my graduation. Well, I have to wait to present my work to the jury and I'm so nervous. Wish me the best for that.


I'll upload new creations very soon and I'm glad to know about all of you.


Thanks for the support.





Hello, my deviant friends. Since the last two weeks, I've been very busy with my thesis; I'll be Historian this year and it depends of my effort and good work, so, I didn't comment and put to my favourites all your recent works. Don't think I don't want. This season it's important for me and I can't use another six months to make my thesis, so, I'll be back until the end of July, when I'll give my complete work to my mentor and the career director.

Sorry for say these words. It's an important moment for me in my life and I can't waste it.

Thanks for all the great moments during these moments of the year and I'll promise, I'll be back with another great works for you.

Your deviant friend,

Juan Carlos

Note: If you want to write me or something else, this is my e-mail: I'll answer you when I can do it.
Hello, deviant friends. After my vacations in another town, I'm back this new 2013 for bring to you happiness, new fractals, photos, but the most important thing, the friendship and support that I give to all of you.

Thanks for the messages and other things.

Juan Carlos
Hello, deviant friends. Today, I knew the results of the IELTS, because of my father. I was nervous, but in the moment that I saw all scores, surprise, it was a good. Well, I confess, my result was 5, but I need it for finish my career.

Thanks for the big support, blessings and best wishes for me.


Juan Carlos
Hello, deviant friends. Tomorrow, is an important day for me. Do you remember that I told you about my IELTS exam? Well, tomorrow, I'll see my scores. I know that I'll pass, but I want good energy, blessings and help from you.

I want the best wishes for me.

Thanks for all.

Juan Carlos
Hi, deviant friends. I'll be absent in the next days for the following reasons:

- Tomorrow, it's my D-Day, I mean, I'll present an important exam for the end of my career: the IELTS. I need to pass it, I know it will be like that, for finish my work during these recent years in the University. I want the best luck, blessings, etc.

- I'll take a resting after the exam and I'll continue working on my thesis.

Don't worry. I'll not leave deviantART, because in my first year I've known great people like you and I'm glad for the big support by all of you.

I wish you for all of a good times and I'll be back very soon, after the exam scores. I'll win, I'm sure of that. This will be my quote during the test: "Semper Fidelis".

Take care.

Your friend,

Juan Carlos.
Hi, deviant fellas. I'm not consider myself a good photographer, but I like to take photos sometimes. Well, I have in my archives some nice photos, of some years ago. I thought some artists on deviantART upload fractals and why not, great pics. For example, our great friend Mark (Kram666) leaved a good collection of his foxes :)

So, what do you think if I upload photos? I wait answers, opinions, comments, whatever.

Have a good time.

Juan Carlos.
Hello, dear deaviant friends. Today, I'm back in my art space, so, I'll work again on my fractals. Thanks to all of you for the great support in this first year that I'm here.

I spent nice days in a different place of my city, because I needed resting. Well, I'm ready for bring joy to all of you.


Juan Carlos
Hi, deviant friends. This note is for telling you that I'm away of deviantArt for some days, because I'll travel to another town in my country, so, I will not upload fractals in the next days.

Take care and thank you very much for the support on my art. Remember, in October 9th, it's my birthday on deviantArt. One year in this great page, so, if you want to write me, I'll answer you then.

Hello, my friends of deviantART. I know that you've enjoyed my recent works and I'm glad for the support that you give me, but I have a big problem with my last works. I didn't write my firm on them, because I forgot, so, I have to say to you that I'll upload again all my recent fractals. I hope that all of you understand my problem and forgive for this matter. I wait for the answers that you can give me.

Greetings for all of you, dear friends.

Juan Carlos